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Dome House

Dome Buildings are prefabricated, UV Resistant , Eco Friendly and Portable. Its an alternative structure which answers three primary concern areas

  • Time to construct : 80% reduction in construction time
  • Labour intensive : Reduce labour hours by 80%
  • Dependency on conventional civil materials : Reduce usage of cement,bricks,sand,iron & steel by 80%

Beat the Heat : Dome buildings UV resistant feature keeping it cool during summer

Energy Efficient building : Domes unique shape helps cutting down air space by 22% which we cool and warm always if air conditioned, with PUF layer already maintaining temperature, around 30% energy efficiency achieved.

Dome Building Construction Overview :

  • It Comprises curved panels
  • Basic Panel is triangular
  • Some panels provide for doors ad windows
  • Curved rectangular expansion panels allow virtually limitless size and configuration possibilities
  • Concrete foundation is poured on-site provides anchoring surface for panels
  • conventional wood foundation also possible
  • Panels are bolted together and anchored to the foundation
  • Panel seams are protected by silicon sealant 
  • windows and doors are installed to complete the outside shell
  • Concrete floor provides environmental seal


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